Hello! My name is Steve and I have recently chosen to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. I have created this blog to capture my journey and to hopefully help inspire others and share ideas. 

As a new and curious vegan, I am constantly learning and discovering new recipe ideas, foods, physical health benefits, psychological health benefits, environmental benefits, and more. I want to share these with you to help you on your own vegan journey. I also want you to hear and share your discoveries.

As a previous meat eater, I can understand some of the misconceptions relating to veganism. I can also relate to the various difficulties in giving up meat and dairy. I am now on a mission to highlight how a vegan lifestyle is not as limiting as some people think. I also want to deconstruct some of the myths surrounding this lifestyle. Join me on my journey towards a more compassionate living.

If you would like to hear more about my journey please take a look at my blog, and follow me on social media.

For the planet, for the animals, for our own health! #GoVegan GoThryv